Letters from our kittens’ new families



Ariel (Venus) is doing GREAT! She has really adjusted well. She doesn't seem to be phased by the dogs or our daughter. In fact I think she has already realized she is mentally superior to the dogs, and quite enjoys teasing them. :) They have also been really good with her, they never bark/growl at her or are aggressive with her. They were quite interested in her when we first brought her home, but I think they are now getting used to the idea that she is here to stay. She is extremely playful and quite the early riser. She is usually up by 4 am and gnawing on our feet to get us to wake up and play with her. She has been an absolute joy, and we already feel that she is an irreplaceable part of our family. Thank you so much for choosing her for our lively young family - you definitely know your cats!


They are wonderful, very affectionate and loving. Both of them start to purr as soon as anyone comes close to them. We love them !! Again, I've got to tell you what a wonderful job you and your family did in socializing these kittens. They are both really love-bugs and flop over to be petted whenever they see us.

I'm also glad I adopted 2 brothers because they are devoted to each other. They are almost always together and they seem to adore each other. They are delightful love-bugs. Caleb is always running over to get pets from any one of us that happens to be available. Even when he's in a deep sleep, if we come close to him he immediately starts to purr. Kashi is definetly the more dominant of the "gruesome twosome" (son's phrase), but when you see one of them the other isn't far behind. They are devoted to each other and still nap together. Caleb is also fond of our Gracie and he will nap with her when Kashi is busy elsewhere. Kashi has an odd habit... he love's to suck on my earlobe whenever I'm lying down. He'll sneak up and start kneading against me while sucking. It's kind of odd and gross while also endearing. All of us love them very much and we are grateful to you and your family for the great job you did raising them. They are afraid of nothing and assume everyone is their friend.

The kitties are wonderful. They make little squeaking noises to talk to us. Caleb is my shadow and he follows me everywhere. Aakash continues to try and rule the roost and Gracie continues to resist him. Caleb and Kashi are best buddies and play together so cutely. They check on each other and look for each other if they haven't seen the other in a while. All three cats bonded when we left them to go on our latest four-day college  look-see. That's big progress for Gracie. I'd be happy to be used as a reference. These boys are really the sweetest, mellowest kittens we've had. We all love them to pieces! You and your family have done a wonderful job raising them.

By the way, the vet tech said they were the sweetest kitties she's seen. They'd purr every time she picked them up :-)

As a pet he is wonderful; he's extremely affectionate and very interested in everything we do. He follows both of us around the house all day long. Unless he's tired and then he plops down for a quick (or long) snooze. Just thought you'd be interested in hearing about him. We are getting him neutered shortly and will send the notice from the vet.

Aristotle is settling in well. The first day was a bit of an adventure (mewmewmewmewmew) until he finally gave up and went to sleep on the futon with me, but things have been getting steadily better. He's got the run of basically the entire house at this point, and has a good old time romping here and there.

He's doing quite well and a super loving sweetheart of a kitty. And yes, I think he the one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.

Shiara is the perfect cat. She loves everyone yet is more attached to our daughter than anyone else in the family and follows her from room to room. She even gets along with our Jack Russell Terrier. Shiara has never (knock on wood) gotten sick. She is doing great! Her personality gets better and better. We couldn't have asked for a better cat to be in our family.

Preia has her fuller winter coat in! She's doing well, and as acrobatic as ever - at times we think we have a flying squirrel...

Koa is still the warm-hearted cat as always. Still purrs a lot and enjoys seeing his cat buddies. I am recently working more at home, and he really enjoys that. He has less drive to go outside, so we only go for walks 1-2 a week now. He's starting to fill out, and is about 10.5 lbs now. He now loves the bird/squirrel feeder. He also loves rubber bands but I have to hide them from him since if I'm not watching, he'll chew and eventually eat them. He'll play fetch with me with some of his favorite toys. BTW, forgot to mention that Koa is in good spirits nonetheless. He heard me sounding depressed on the phone and spent the next half hour sitting in my lap to cheer me up :-). When I first met your cats, I was amazed at how social they were and loved that about them (along with all the other great qualities). Well Scout and Kimba are just like mom & dad. Recently I had a Cub Scout adult committee meeting here and they were at everyone's feet, looking in their purses, and Scout was almost on the Cubmaster's lap. They are not shy. I can't wait until the holidays when my family is here for Christmas dinner.

Just wanted to let you know that Scout and Kimba are doing great. Scout is very big and a huge fluffy tail. They are so social with us and with friends. Scout is fearless. He is not scared of the vacuum sound. Scout is very playful and always on alert for action. Kimba is so sweet and always willing to cuddle with any of us. They love to sleep in our sinks. Kimba has always been the shy and least adventurous. Lately she has been jumping very easily up on to our high ledges, just jumping from one to the next. One is 12 feet high. She balances on our stair handrail and jumps up. Scout isn't attempting that at this point (he is bigger). Last week I had some mom's over to work on some Cub Scout stuff and three are allergic to cats. None of them seemed to have any problems with my babies. Of course, Scout and Kimba were either on a chair with them or rubbing up against them. We are just loving them so much. They continue to amaze us with being so social and loving.

Just thought I'd let you know that we came in just fine yesterday. He was great in the car the whole time. I got him settled in and he used his new litter box right away. He loves the scratcher we have for him, and uses it every time he looks at it. He is already acclimated to the bathroom and has tried to get out to explore the rest of the house. We'll begin on that this evening. All in all, the trip was a breeze and he has been his spunky self the whole time. Not a sign of reaction to the vaccine, yet. What a great personality he has: I feel so lucky!

I thought you might like to hear how Musik has settled in here. You'll be glad to know how much we love him. I think he's happy here, too. We call him a purr-machine, because he never stops the purring. He even purred his way through his first vet exam! He still LOVES that little silver ball you sent along with us. It is about ready to fall apart! I have gotten him similar ones, but I can't find that exact same type at my local pet stores. He likes the others too, but they don't rival his favorite. He plays fetch with almost all the balls and he's gotten very good at bringing the ball back and dropping it right by my lap. Everyone who comes over comments on how friendly and wellbehaved he is - and he's still just a kitten!!

Sable is doing very well. He likes the children more than my husband and me. We are having so much fun playing with him and snuggling with him. He is doing fine during the night and only meowed for the first two nights. He is lying on the sofa near me, completely stretched out and sound asleep. We gave him a bath last ight, which he didn't like too much. We are all very attached to him.

They are bouncy and well and Felix (Charcoal) is HUGE. A month ago he was five pounds, not sure what he's up to now. I've been taking some digital pictures, so I'll send you some. They have now discovered the top of the armoire and like to sleep up there. Nonni is the explorer and found it first, but big brother followed.

He is a sweet little creature, very loving and curious. We know we'll going to love him and know he will love his new home. I was woken up this morning by a little cat licking my chin. Life is good!

Stoli is doing great! He had no problem at all adjusting to the apartment...he was happily running around after 10 minutes. I'll send some pictures once I get my hands on a camera!

As you know, Kolohe is the light of my life and she KNOWS that too. I have bought her some healthy treats which I reward her with when she behaves well. Ok, well, maybe I’ve overdone it a bit because EVERY SINGLE MORNING she jumps on my shoulder (I sleep on my side) and she waits there until either I wake up or she sniffs my face which causes me to wake up and begs for attention or a treat. She does this faithfully at 5:30AM & 6:30AM every single day. Even when I’m out of town for business, she will wake up Troy the same exact way. I look forward to this wake up call every morning so much that I no longer set my alarm. Isn’t that the most pleasant way to wake up each morning? I wish you could see just how intelligent my Kolohe is..

Thanks for the quick reply. I just put the check in the mail, so please add me to the waiting list. That’s wonderful news about your cats…I can’t wait to tell Troy!! I’m so excited about adding a new kitten to our home, my only fear is Kolohe’s reaction. It’s so important for me to know that Kolohe will be okay with it and actually love having another cat. Do you think I should bring Kolohe with me when I get the new kitten? THANKS so much!!

Inky is doing great in his adjustment to our home and we love him!

Sasha is settling just great. He is just full of playful energy and love. He enjoys getting into the middle of everything that I do and having his tummy rubbed. He has also found all of the great places to sit in the sun and has made himself a place on my bed at night.

After leaving her alone for awhile (hiding under the bed) I went in and peaked under to see where Smokey Jo was hiding. Naturally, it was 90 degrees away from me. So, I started to talk to her in the voice she seems to find soothing and then gradually, gradually, gradually worked my way around to where she was.  I got my head within inches of her little face.  She started to sniff at me.  When she got to my hair, she startled her head back and looked me straight in the eyes. Her expression changed! I could see it in her eyes! She recognized me!  Smokey Jo started rubbing her facial scent glands all over my face and glasses. I guess I am hers for life now!

I think the key to this happy reunion was due to the fact that I had rubbed the fuzzy white carrier mat and the fabric square I sent in the mail all over my hair so it would carry my oil scent. (Just can’t overestimate the power of scent recognition in a cat!) At any rate, we spent the rest of the evening cuddling. When it came time for my husband to join us, I had him wash his hands, rinse them well and then spritz them with Feliway. Well, Smokey Joe accepted him, too!

It’s 2:00 pm here and Smokey Jo and I have just taken a 90 minute nap together. She decided to continue napping. That gives me time to do other things now.

The following story might make you smile. There has been only one time so far that Smokey Jo has meowed her protest of anything since you gave her to me (seems that my voice helped soothe her during our travels). That vocal protest happened when I had to leave her room abruptly to answer the telephone this morning. It was a call from an anxious mom who is trying to shepherd her retarded son toward his Boy Scout Eagle Project and wanted to know if my husband who is an Eagle Scout counselor if he could help. Our home is not large, so I know Smokey could hear my voice. Well I spent maybe 5 minutes on the phone but after about 3 minutes, I started to hear Smokey Jo in the background “meowing her protest”. (Later this morning I took the phone into her room to make calls and she cuddled up and purred her thanks at being included while I talked to others.) To continue the story, though, when I finished the Scout call, I went to the bedroom door and told her “It’s all right, Smokey Jo, I’m here,” as I quietly opened the door. Well, she took one look at me as if to say “What were you doing out there? Well, I am going to find out!” and out she scooted between my feet. I gingerly followed her talking to her encouragingly all the way while she started to explore every nook and cranny of our living room and dining room. At first I could tell she was afraid I would take her away from this grand adventure she was on. (We really should have named her "Curious" and I think one sign of how really intelligent she is has been her quick adaptation to me. But, who could resist a human willing to do most anything to make you happy! ) She was having a marvelous time exploring. But as I followed her and would see her emerge “victorious” from her latest hiding place, I would say something like “Where’s Smokey Jo? ….There’s Smokey Jo! What a brave kitty you are!” So, it became a game of sorts between us until she slowed down enough for me to scoop her up, hug her, and take her back to her room. I placed her on the bed, lay down with her, and continued to tell her how I was so pleased that she had such fun exploring. As I was talking, she climbed on my diaphragm, looked intently into my eyes, started to purr, put her head down and took a cat nap. When she awoke, she seemed to want to play, so I brought out the Cat Dancer. I figured we would play for 2-3 minutes. Well, it turned into a 20 minute exercise session! I would think her interest would be waning, and would put the wand down, but she would go to it, paw at it, and look me in the eyes as if to ask, “Please make it go again.” Well, being in love with her, how could I resist? I think one reason she loved it so much was because we have a white tile floor in that bedroom and I could really get the toy to skitter across the floor from one end to the other in addition to getting her to dance with it. By the way, he is doing great and adapting very well to our family. The kids adore him and he adores them. He is the sweetest, most friendly kitten I have ever had.