Our Siberian Kittens Have Grown Up

Pictures of Siberian Cats (and colors) from Our Cattery

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Some of our babies have grown up and have trained their humans to take photographs and send them to their original family. Here are some of the results.

Colorpoint Siberian Cat Shiara: (blue tortie point)

Bella and Prince (blue tabbie and blue point)

(pictures of Shiara by Nicole Mousseau)

Siberian Cat Katrina (dark tortoiseshell)

Colorpoint Siberian cat Aspen (blue point)

Siberian Blue tortie point Shiara in a box

Dark Torbie Siberian Cat: Sasha

Siberian Blue point Gunner at rest.

Red Tabbie Max: 15-lb cat in 3" box!

Blue Torbie Siberian Cat: Preia

Blue torbie Siberian Cat Preia flying

Blue Tabby Siberian Cat: Dusty

Blue Tabby Siberian Cat: Dusty playing

Colorpoint Siberian Cat: Maya (seal tortie point)

Colorpoint Siberian Cat: Sattva (seal tortie point)

Kimba: Colorpoint Siberian Kitten (seal torbie point)

Blue Tabby Siberian Kitten, Scout

Colorpoint Siberian Cat (sealpoint) Snowy and Blue Siberian Cat Silver

Siberian Cats Snowy and Silver with Santa

Koa: Black Siberian Cat

A most impressive Black Siberian Cat tail

Snowy, a Colorpoint Siberian Kitten (sealpoint)

Sealpoint Siberian Kitten Snowy again (Pictures by Bev Drottar)

Milla and  Leo: blue and blue torbie Siberian Cats

Milla and Leo in the sink (pictures by Michael and Breyon)

First Day at new home for two Siberian Kittens

Nonnie: blue torbie Siberian Cat

Fanny: Blue torbie Siberian Cat

Zoe: Red lynx point Siberian Cat

Colorpoint Siberian Cat Zoe (red or flame lynx point)

Siberian Kitten Punkin (Red Classic Tabby)

Siberian Cat Luna: rare solid black flying

Siberian Cat Sunny: brown (black) mac tabby

Siberian Cat Kneeshka, cream lynx point

Siberian Cat Kneeshka in the sink

Alexei The Ruff: Black smoke Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Zoe with flowers

Siberian Cat Attis: Cream silver point

Siberian Cat Attis: Cream silver point

Blue Patch Tabbie Siberian Cat on Sheepskin

Flame Tabbie Point Siberian Cat