Recipe for Chicken Muffins

How to Make your own ...

We make our own wet catfood. People have asked for the recipe so we have decided to put it up.

Here is a list of what you will need to make chicken muffins:

> Half roast the chicken, 15 min 350F on first side, invert chicken, remove giblets to side of roasting tray and continue 10 more min. Chop chicken into smaller pieces.

> Blend everything in a high powered blender (it must be a very high powered blender; if not, use a meat grinder.

> Scrape into muffin tins; one chicken makes about 25-30 muffins. Place tins (or ice cube trays) in deep freezer.

> After 72 hours, remove muffins from tins and seal them tightly in ziplock bags and save them in the normal freezer.

> Dispense one frozen muffin per meal; allow muffin to thaw by itself.

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