SiberianGatos sells hypo allergenic Siberian kittens and rare colorpoint Siberian kittens in Northern California. Colorpoints Siberian Cats are also called Neva Masquerade as this masked variation was first reported in the area along the banks of the Neva River. Nevas were among the foundation Siberian cats when the Siberian breed was established.



SiberianGatos is a TICA registered Cattery located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Our Siberian breeding cats are imported from Europe, and registered with TICA, CFA and FIFe. Both our male and female Siberian breeding cats live in the house with us as pets. Our Siberian kittens for sale are raised as household pets, never seeing a cage. They are affectionate, highly intelligent, playful, beautiful, and easygoing companions. All of our breeding Siberian cats have been echoed for HCM and have been found to be negative; they have been re-echoed in 2007. We do not use equivocals. We will not sell to Siberian Cat breeders who do not follow this practice. We are a Corona Virus Free cattery. We periodically screen all of our cats with Dr. Addie at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. They were last screened in 2007 and all were negative.

Arkady is our mature Siberian stud.  He is a beautiful blue lynxpoint.  He has lovely boning, color, and very soft and low allergenicity non-shedding fur.  He is a large cat already, weighing 12 pounds at age ten months.   Arkady has been sired by the quadruple grand champion Siberian cat Kotik Dikaya Krassa. He is a very sweet and gentle cat who is the webmaster's current favorite. During his recent HCM testing, he was so cooperative that he was used to standardize the instrument for kitten his age. Arkady is very low in Feld1, even for a Siberian cat.

See Arkady's Pedigree.

Anachie is our new Siberian stud. Siberian cats are known for their wonderful personalities and Anachie has the best personality of any Siberian cat we have ever met. This Siberian kitty is fond of lying on his back, showing off his white tummy which makes him look like a little panda. Multiple sources say that cat's personality traits come primarily from the father. We expect Anachie's kittens to have his awesome personality.

Tabitha named for her lovely stripes, is a feisty little girl who loves to play, play, play. She happily sleeps cuddled up tight til exactly 6 am and then the bed is her playground. She carries no colorpoint, so will produce mostly brown and blue tabbies, with a rare solid, when paired with Arkady.

See Tabitha's Pedigree.

Grimalkin (means gray lady), is large and lovely, and carries the treasured colorpoint gene. She is loving, confident and playful. She has a ring fetish and keeps on trying to steal my antique rings off my fingers. Grimalkin was the name of the cat in at least one version of Puss In Boots. We call her Mollie. Paired with Arkady, Mollie will will give us blues, blue tabbies, and blue points, or blue lynx points.

See Mollie's Pedigree.

Emilie is the treasured daughter of our foundation cat and carries her wonderful characteristics of fabulous fur and temperament. She is expected, like her mother, to be extremely low in feld1. .

See Emilie's Pedigree.

Tatiana is our beautiful, silver with white queen. Our experience with silver Siberian cats has been fraught with problems of HCM, poor personality and high allergenicity. At long last, we believe we have achieved the perfect Siberian girl. Very low allergenicity, a wonderful loving personality, fabulous non-matting fur and a good heart.

Ginevra of the Renaissance is our queen. Her fur is remarkable even for a Siberian cat, being extraordinarily silky and non-shedding. Ginevra is highly bonded to our child, who selected her as his soulmate when the cats arrived. She plays fetch with him, greets him at the door, and allows him intimacies, which would never be tolerated to impinge on her dignity from others. Ginevra will come to comfort him when he is upset. She (even when quite pregnant) still takes off galloping after Jamie when he heads upstairs. She has very low levels of Feld1.

See Ginevre's Pedigree.



Siberians are hypo allergenic, which is originally what drew us to this breed. After we saw this chart about their other qualities, we were sure we wanted this breed.

Characteristics of the Breed


Activity Level - 6

Affection toward owner - 7

Intelligence - 8

Playfulness - 8

Vocalism - 3

Independence - 6

Need for Attention - 5

Docility - 3

Health and Hardiness - 9

Need for Grooming - 3

Compatibility with Children - 8

Compatibility with other Pets - 8


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Siberian Kittens


We sell Siberian kittens , including the rare colorpoint Siberian kitten. Our Siberian kittens are petted and handled daily, so they are very well socialized. The kittens are box trained. A waiting list generally applies.





Health Guarantee


Our kittens are sold with a health guarantee.

Siberian Gatos' health guarantee says that a kitten will stay healthy for the first two weeks after you get it, if not exposed to other cats. If it gets sick, bring it back to us and we will take care of it and return it healthy. If you live more than a two hours' drive away, call us or our vet and we will advise you how to take care of it and if it must be seen by another vet. If either we or our vet who has seen the kitten at age 12 weeks and given it a clean bill of health says to take it to another vet, we will pay that initial vet bill and discuss the treatment with you for further decisions if the vet calls us at the time of examining the kitten.

We can provide references from the only person who thought her kitten had a problem and whom we offered to pay for a vet if there was any difficulty, after giving her some advice. The kitten was fine without the vet.

If your kitten dies of a genetic defect any time in the first 10 years of life as determined on autopsy by a licensed veterinarian, we will return the purchase price or get you another, similar kitten. We accept that hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a genetic defect.

Check out other catteries' health clauses as you investigate. We have a short waiting list for our kittens and do not mind if you buy elsewhere, but we urge everyone to check the health contract that is offered.


We are taking reservations for 2014 kittens.  












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